Creedence Clearwater Revival (album)

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Some rock legends seem as though they can go on forever. Such is the case with this insightful look at John Fogerty. This literary collection offers insight into his life and music and is a refreshing change from so many other analyses that are all flash but little substance. It’s difficult to believe any other book could be better.

Mark Volman, Belmont University, member of The Turtles, and Flo and Eddie

A lively gathering of essays on John Fogerty’s Creedence Clearwater Revival, the funky (but clean-cut) Americana rock band that scored a fistful of Top Ten hits in the 60s, without finding a firm place in the decade’s rock hierarchy. Here a baker’s dozen of perceptive music writers tell how good the band was and why it ended up an inch away from super-stardom.

Michael Lydon, author of Rock Folk and Ray Charles: Man and Music

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