Table of Contents

Finding Fogerty: Interdisciplinary Readings of John Fogerty and CCR




Section One: “Born on the Bayou”

1. “Born on the Bayou”: CCR and the Evocation of Place

Jeff Sellars

2. Reviving the Pre-Sixties: Creedence on a Sixties/Seventies Cusp

Stephen Paul Miller

3. John Fogerty: Middle-Class Poet

Jake Sudderth

4. Down to the River: Narrative, Blues, and the Common Man in John Fogerty’s Imagined Southern Gothic

Robert McParland 

Section Two: “Run Through the Jungle”

5. “Devil’s on the Loose”: Creedence Clearwater Revival and the Religious Imagination

Theodore Louis Trost

6. Flying the Flannel: AnAmericanaSalute to Creedence Clearwater Revival

Timothy Gray

7. The 1969 CreedenceClearwaterRevival Recording Contract and How It Shaped the Future of the Group and Its Members

Hank Bordowitz

Section Three: “Centerfield”

8.Americaas Patron and Muse: The Creation of theBlue RidgeRangers

Lawrence Pitilli

9. The 1980s Comeback of John Fogerty

Thomas M. Kitts

10. Multimodal Fogerty: Scoring and Scaffolding the Music of CCR to a Vietnam War Literature Unit

Christian Z. Goering and William C. Sewell

Section Four: “Keep on Chooglin’”

11. John Fogerty andAmerica’s Three Rock Generations

B. Lee Cooper with research assistance from William L. Schurk

12. The Political Legacy of Fogerty: Forty Years of Parallel Messages

William J. Miller and Jeremy D. Walling

13. “Rockin’ All Over the World”: John Fogerty’s Place in American Popular Music

Nick Baxter-Moore


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